Shikawa Romanus | Learning Romany

This is self-directed, hands-on learning. You’ll experience a mix of 22 short presentations and activities in an accompanying e-book on how to use and speak Romanus in everyday life. It will assist you in conversation and gain understanding, including:

  • How Romani life is lived, stories of Romani life
  • Use of male and female pronouns
  • Basic grammar, verbs and everyday sayings
  • Heritage and cultural practices

With Shikawa Romanus | Learning Romany you can:

  • Improve your understanding of Romanus
  • Learn how to better understand that storytelling is an essential ingredient in Romani culture.
  • Share with others collaboratively to practice speaking and writing Romanus in our moderated Forum, an online community space
  • Receive notices of updates to the e-book as well as blog posts from Bob Lovell Kamulo and the John Roberts Heritage Fund.

Who is it for?
This course is designed for anyone wishing to gain a basic grasp of the Welsh Romanus language. It is specially designed for people with Welsh Romani roots as it is a heritage project. Please note that it is neither intended as a dictionary nor as an academic tool.

All applicants will be required to register online. The Shikawa Romanus | Learning Romany course material, including the e-book and recordings is free of charge and will always be free, supported by the John Roberts Heritage Fund.

The good news is that as our website development has evolved. In order to ensure an easy and enjoyable learning experience, we have sourced and engaged a professional online course platform to deliver Shikawa Romanus | Learning Romany. This comes at an annual fee of $5['00'], which is payable when you register.

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