What People Are Saying

“What you get a very real sense of from the recordings is a spirit, tradition and heritage that is alive and kicking. It is not something just for the museums and galleries. To be sure, the knowledge that is being shared here is a real community asset.”

“Romani language is an identity marker of the Roma people, it is the key to the Roma people’s history and represents an important cultural artefact. As a Barvalipe Academy member I highly appreciate your work and I consider it of utmost importance for the preservation of our language.”

“This is nothing short of terrific and you are to be massively commended. Yes, a superb project and one which can only do good. I shall treasure it.”

“It was especially interesting for me, coming from an English Romany family, to learn about the similarities and differences between our dialects. At times, I would find myself saying things simultaneously along with Bob because we'd say them exactly the same way, other times we'd say things a bit differently. I found this fascinating, as I'm sure many other Gypsy people would.”

“I am proud to be associated with this project and to support this idea. It is unique and Welsh Gypsies deserve this.”

“There is no doubt that Shikawa Romanus will reach out to the larger population of Welsh Romany Travellers, as well as inspiring Roma from other cultures and countries. It will redress the imbalance and misuse of the Welsh Romani language, which must be kept alive for future generations.”

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